Pulp Alley Battle Report, Deadrise in Christmas Village

Last year’s Skirmish Wargames holiday video was a Christmas-themed Gaslands extravaganza, featuring the Family Truckster and Cousin Eddie’s 1972 Condor II desperately racing from a horde of grumpy Krampus cultists. Imagine Christmas Vacation meets Fury Road.

For this year’s holiday special, we deployed our War in Christmas Village (paid link) 28mm tabletop minis for a festive game of Pulp Alley (paid link), using the Deadrise rules from the Pulp Alley scenario book.

As the name implies, Pulp Alley is an action-packed tabletop skirmish game featuring pulp-era heroes and villains, two-fisted brawls, cinematic shootouts, mysterious objectives and bizarre plot twists. The rules can be used for a variety of Hollywood-style genres, including Adventure, Western, Gangster and Space Opera.

The zombie-apocalypse inspired Deadrise scenario is actually atypical for Pulp Alley, since each player controls just a single character instead of an entire league of heroes or villains. However Deadrise was the ideal story for our War in Christmas Village figures, since it allowed us to pit Santa and Mrs. Claus against a host of twisted Yuletide zombies.

Our scenario was simple. After a magical cloud of humbug turns the denizens of Christmas Village into ravenous monsters, Santa and Mrs. Clause are forced to defend the town center until help can arrive from Santa’s Workshop. 

It’s essentially a six-turn co-op survival mission. If Santa and Mrs. Clause are still alive by the end of the game, then they’ve emerged victorious. If not, then sadly they join the ranks of the shambling undead.

Will the security team from Santa’s workshop arrive in time to rescue Santa and Mrs. Clause? Check out this year’s Skirmish Wargames Christmas batrep to find out!