Pulp Alley Skirmish Game, Vigilantes vs Carnies

One of the many endearing features of Pulp Alley (paid link), the pulp-genre tabletop miniatures game, is that the ruleset accommodates a number of different gameplay modes.

Depending on the scenario, Pulp Alley enthusiasts can engage in player vs player confrontations between two or more leagues, join forces in cooperative missions, or even play the game solo.

In our first Pulp Alley gameplay video, for example, we played the Deadrise scenario from the Second Edition core rulebook as a cooperative two-player game. In Deadrise, each player controls just a single character while the game mechanics govern a horde of ravenous zombies, out for blood.

As we mentioned at the time though, Deadrise is not a typical Pulp Alley scenario. To truly embrace the spirit of the game, one should assemble a proper league of pulp-genre heroes or villains, and then challenge an opposing league (or two) for treasure, glory or other suitably dramatic objectives.

Which brings us to today’s Pulp Alley gameplay video, wherein the freelance vigilantes of Anger Inc. confront the supernatural minions of the Dark Carnival. This is a real meat and potatoes, smash and grab Pulp Alley scenario, full of traps, gunfire, fisticuffs and heroic sacrifices.

Will the guns-for-hire of Anger Inc. recover stolen loot from the mysterious circus of the damned, and perhaps even rescue a lost urchin last seen entering the funhouse? Or will the Dark Carnival’s resident clowns and sideshow freaks repel the incursion with their steely knives, filthy claws and giant hammers?

Check out or latest Pulp Alley gameplay video to find out! That is, if you’re not scared of demonic clowns…