Vlog Ep 4: Rangers of Shadow Deep DIY Spider Cocoons

After hearing good things about the game for some time, we recently purchased a copy of the Rangers of Shadow Deep Deluxe Edition (paid link), written by game designer Joseph McCullough. McCullough is also the author of the extremely popular Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City tabletop miniatures game.

We were especially interested in Rangers of Shadow Deep because it was billed as a solo or cooperative tabletop adventure game, differentiating it from Frostgrave, where players primarily battle each other (though solo Frostgrave rules are also available). While PvP is the go-to mode for most tabletop miniatures games, we’ve been specifically looking to add more co-op rules to our collection.

Once our hardback version of Rangers of Shadow Deep arrived — the rules are also available in Digital Format (paid link) — we started perusing the various missions and scenarios to determine if we had the necessary miniatures on hand to play the game. By the time we hit the second scenario of the first mission, we realized that we were definitely going to need a batch of giant spider cocoons.

Of course we could have simply used coins or other markers to designate the hapless mummified spider victims, but what’s the fun in that? So after rewatching the Mirkwood spider scene from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, we set out to create our own spider cocoons using putty, thread and plaster of Paris, as well as various miniature washes and basing materials from our paint table.

It took some experimenting with different methods, but in the end I feel we produced a collection of satisfactorily disturbing spider cocoons for use in Rangers of Shadow Deep, or other fantasy-based tabletop games.

To watch how the cocoon-making process unspooled, just click on the video player at the top of this post.