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Rise of the Exiled Kickstarter Campaign

If you watched our video coverage of the Tacticon 2017 tabletop gaming convention in Denver last fall, then you probably saw a few seconds of zippy Rise of the Exiled gameplay.

Combining dexterity, strategy, luck and colorful fantasy elements, Rise of the Exiled is a fast-playing tabletop combat game where players fight for supremacy by lobbing clear plastic weapon cards at each other’s characters until only a single warrior remains.

It’s a quick and engaging game with unpredictable live-action elements, making it a great way to fire up your gaming group for an evening of tabletop fun.

Here’s what the game’s producer, J&E Innovations, has to say about Rise of the Exiled and its upcoming Kickstarter Campaign:

Throw your card. Defeat your enemy. Reclaim the city! J&E Innovations is pleased to announce the Kickstarter launch of Rise of the Exiled, beginning March 6, 2018.

Rise of the Exiled is a fast-paced, family-friendly card game that combines fantasy, fighting and throwing cards. Supporting between 2 – 12 players at once, Rise of the Exiled lends itself to some seriously chaotic fun. Games typically last between 5 – 10 minutes and can be enjoyed by players of all ages. Serious and casual gamers alike will enjoy the mix of strategy and dexterity found in Rise of the Exiled.

In Rise of the Exiled, each player takes on the role of a warrior with special weapons and abilities related to his or her faction. Gameplay takes place simultaneously in two phases (attack and movement) as players throw clear plastic weapon cards onto their opponents characters to deal damage. You play individually or in teams, but either way the last one standing wins.

The game’s greatest strength is its flexibility. Waiting on the last member of your group to arrive for game night? Want to play a quick game with the kids before putting them to bed? Looking to get someone unaccustomed to fantasy into more serious games? Look no further than Rise of the Exiled. The complexity and strategy combined with the simple throwing of cards makes for a unique game unlike any you’ve seen before.

To learn more about the kinetic and colorful fantasy combat game Rise of the Exiled, head over to the game’s Kickstarter Page for gameplay videos and more information.