Romans vs Werewolves Skirmish Wargame

Being huge fans of the space opera genre, last year we backed the Kickstarter campaign for Fistful of Lead: Galactic Heroes (paid link), “a quick and easy set of wargaming rules for skirmishes in the far future.” You can watch our Galactic Heroes unboxing and gameplay demonstration video Right Here if you’d like to experience all the space cowboy carnage.

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Having previously published Fistful of Lead tabletop miniatures rules for both the Wild West and Black Powder eras, Galactic Heroes creator Jaye Wiley (paid link) recently released the latest incarnation of Fistful of Lead, his Core Rule Book (paid link) of “tabletop wargaming rules for small scale skirmishes throughout history.”

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Basically the new Fistful of Lead Core Rule Book allows players to adapt the game’s easy-to-play, Hollywood style rules to virtually any time period or wargaming genre. There’s even a supplement, Fistful of Lead: Tales of Horror (paid link), which offers guidelines on incorporating legendary Gothic monsters such as vampires, werewolves and zombies into your tabletop miniatures games.

We wanted to try out both the historical wargaming rules in the Core Rule Book and the Gothic horror skirmish rules in the Tales of Horror supplement, so we cooked up our own Fistful of Lead sample scenario, featuring a squad of Romanized Brits challenging a pack of Celtic werewolves for control of a sacred monolith.

Since the werewolves were imbued with supernatural resilience and ferocity, we bolstered the Roman forces with a local warrior shaman named Merlin, and gave him some mystical abilities culled from the Tales of Horror Necromancer and Cult Leader spell books.

Were Roman swords and armor (aided by a little pagan magic) a match for lycanthrope claws and teeth? Check out the video above to find out, as we test drive the new Fistful of Lead Core Rule Book and the Tales of Horror supplement.