Runewars Discount Wargaming Miniatures

I definitely don’t need any additional wargaming miniatures piled atop the considerable mountain of shame teetering next to my worktable, especially considering my slow rate of speed when it comes to figure painting. However, I’m also a sucker for a good deal. Or at least what my clearcoat-addled brain interprets as a good deal.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I read a social media post about cheap box sets for Runewars, a fantasy genre tabletop miniatures game released by Fantasy Flight Games back in 2016. Since Runewars is a fairly recent product and since I apparently have no willpower, I decided to take a peek at what might be available online, even as the mountain of shame mocked me from the next room.

So yeah, a couple of clicks revealed that there might indeed be some decent deals on the Runewars box sets, prompting me to drop about $107 bucks on a host of miniatures that I wasn’t even aware I wanted 30 minutes earlier. (Damn you, free shipping.)

This completely unnecessary bit of online consumption netted me the hefty Runewars starter box, two Reanimate Unit Expansions (infantry and archers), a box of eight chaotic-looking Uthuk Y’llan Berserkers, a pack of Deepwood Elven Archers, and the Waiqar Infantry Command Unit Expansion for the undead faction.

That’s roughly 80 miniatures ranging from infantry, to cavalry, to giant monstrosities, at less than $1.50 per figure. And since undead infantry, elven archers and crazy chaos-looking dudes are always useful, I was fairly pleased when the boxes showed up on my doorstep a few days later.

So much so that I immediately ordered a second round of Runewars expansions, even before I unboxed the first batch. Call it reckless optimism, or perhaps something else. But that’s what I did.

You can judge whether I’m a chowderhead or not by watching us unbox our first wave of Runewars miniatures in the video above. And if you’re so inclined, you can watch our second Runewars unboxing video by clicking Here.

Now folks, if you’ll excuse me, the mountain of shame is calling my name.