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Something Stirs in the Creative Abyss

Welcome to the “soft launch” of SkirmishWargames.com. In the weeks and months ahead we’ll be posting a variety of videos and articles dedicated to skirmish-level miniature wargaming, ranging from some of the most popular rules systems on the market, to retro and independent games that maybe you’ve never even heard of.

Our personal preference is for miniature-based wargames that are fast, fun, easy to learn and don’t cost a fortune. You’ll see a lot of that philosophy in our videos and posts. Our emphasis is definitely more on having a good time than mastering the latest tournament meta. (Though there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s your hobby. Enjoy it how you want.)

Now that the website’s up, we’ll be posting new content here on a regular basis. We hope you like it. Thanks for stopping by.