Star War Miniatures AT-AT Walker Battle Report

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost two years since we unboxed our limited edition Star Wars Miniatures AT-AT Imperial Walker Colossal Pack, which was released by Wizards of the Coast way back in 2005. (You can watch that video here if you’re interested.)

Since being liberated from the confines of its original packaging (which we saved, no worries), our Star Wars Miniatures AT-AT has been patiently biding its time in the game room, waiting for the chance to stomp heavily upon some pesky rebels. And now this opportunity has finally arrived.

Fired up by promos for both The Mandalorian streaming series on Disney+ and latest Star Wars movie hitting theaters next month, we’ve been revisiting the classic Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Miniatures game from 15 years ago. Our odyssey began with a modest Mandalorians vs Black Sun scenario, followed by a somewhat higher budget sequel, Mandalorians vs Stormtroopers.

Once production wrapped on the second game, we decided to repurpose the in-place desert outpost terrain and go really big in the final installment of our Star Wars Miniatures trilogy. Or in other words, we sent the AT-AT Imperial Walker rampaging through the center of town.

The challenge though was assembling a rebel force that could realistically confront the heavily armed and blaster-resistant All Terrain Armored Transport. Normal infantry wouldn’t make a dent in the AT-AT ’s armored hide, and outside of a couple of Snowspeeders, our rebels didn’t have much to counter the game’s biggest baddie.

We did however have a couple of AT-ST scouts from the Star Wars Miniatures Battle of Hoth and Attack on Endor scenario packs. These Imperial chicken walkers were summarily commandeered by the rebel forces, giving them a much needed boost in firepower.

So how does the rebellion fare against the ground-shaking might of a colossal Imperial Walker? Will the stolen Imperial scouts make a difference or will the AT-AT simply crush all opposition? Check out today’s epic gameplay video to find out.