Star Wars Miniatures Battles Batrep, Desert Skirmish

Anticipation is reaching a fever pitch as the release of the Star Wars: Legion (paid link) core set is probably just days away, if Internet scuttlebutt is to be believed. (And when has it ever let us down?)

Star Wars: Legion, the Star Wars themed skirmish miniatures game from Fantasy Flight Games has tabletop wargamers across the globe diligently creating terrain for 32mm scale versions of Tatooine, Endor, Hoth and other famous battlegrounds from the Star Wars universe.

However, grey-beard wargamers or tabletop miniatures fans interested in retro wargaming may remember a 25mm Star Wars skirmish game from the late 1980s and early 1990s: Star Wars Miniatures Battles (paid link) from West End Games.

Star Wars Miniatures Battles was of course followed by the mass market Star Wars Miniatures game from Wizards of the Coast, which arguably falls somewhere between a board game and a tabletop wargame, and as such might be in a slightly different gaming category.

While the Star Wars Miniatures system offered a wide range of “collectible” pre-painted plastic miniatures, Star Wars Miniatures Battles was played with old-school lead and pewter minis sold in blister packs and colorful boxed sets. There was also a pair of minimalist starter sets that each included a rule book, a handful of unpainted figures and some dice.

For those interested, used copies of the various Star Wars Miniatures Battles rulebooks are still readily available online. We picked ours up at a local used bookstore for between $10 and $15 apiece.

For our first Star Wars Miniatures Battles battle report, we chose a simple scenario featuring two squads of Rebel troopers with heavy blaster pistols facing off against a better armed and armored cadre of stormtroopers and Imperial scouts. The Empire team is reinforced with a wily bounty hunter while the Rebellion is bolstered by a bad-tempered Wookiee commando.

In future battle reports using the Star Wars Miniatures Battles system, we’ll be incorporating force users, droids, tripod weapons and other advanced rules. Until then however, the above batrep offers a pretty good overview of the basic rules for movement, firing and morale.

We hope you enjoy it.