Star Wars Miniatures AT-AT Imperial Walker Colossal Pack

For those who wished to truly dominate the Star Wars tabletop back in 2005, Wizards of the Coast offered the limited edition Star Wars Miniatures AT-AT Imperial Walker Colossal Pack, featuring one colossal figure and battle grid for use with the Star Wars Miniatures collectible figures game.

Fully assembled and pre-painted, the AT-AT Imperial Walker figure came with all the necessary stats, counters, rules and scenarios to allow it to stomp its way through the Rebel lines and rain heavy blaster fire down upon their puny shield generators.

We purchased our AT-AT Walker still sealed in the original packaging, which was in remarkably good condition even after 20-plus years on the shelf. One small leg strut had become unglued from the Walker over time and was rattling around in the box, but it easily snapped back into place.

On a related note, we’ve read social media posts from several Star Wars wargaming enthusiasts suggesting various AT-AT options for the upcoming Star Wars: Legion skirmish rules from Fantasy Flight Games. These range from 1/53 scale Revell model kits, to Disneyland AT-AT popcorn buckets, to Imperial Walker lawn ornaments. No word yet if FFG has any plans to incorporate AT-AT Walkers into Star Wars: Legion, which would probably be ridiculous but also a big hit with the fan base.

To watch us unbox our never-opened Star Wars Miniatures AT-AT Imperial Walker Colossal Pack, just spool up the video at the top of this page. We’re not entirely sure how to deploy this fellow on our relatively tight skirmish wargaming table, but it might be fun sometime to watch him chase infantry around the battle mat for a while.