Star Wars Miniatures Battles, Skirmish in the Ruins

Ok, in our last post we reported that the upcoming release of Star Wars: Legion (paid link), the new tabletop miniatures system from Fantasy Flight Games, was just “days away,” according to Internet scuttlebutt. Then shortly thereafter FFG announced that the official release date for the Star Wars: Legion core set would be March 22, 2018, which is still about six weeks in the future at the time of this post.

Serves us right for listening to the Internet! But on the plus side, it does give us another month and a half to play around with the classic Star Wars Miniatures Battles (paid link) system from West End Games, before Star Wars: Legion and its first wave of expansion sets hit the shelves and assume financial dominance over the Star Wars tabletop universe.

In our second Star Wars Miniatures Battles gameplay report (featured above), we add force users to both the Imperial and Rebel teams, and also include our first droid combatant, a slow-moving walking bomb named Boomer.

We still make plenty of gameplay errors, particularly during the morale phase, but it feels like we’re gradually getting the hang of the Star Wars Miniatures Battles ruleset. The turns move along much more briskly and we’re spending a lot less time flipping through the rulebook.

After playing a couple of games, we can definitively say that Star Wars Miniatures Battles is a very solid and enjoyable tabletop wargame, even if it’s almost 30 years old. It’s not overly complicated and yet has enough Star Wars specific flavor to keep it from feeling generic.

In future games of Star Wars Miniatures Battles, we plan to incorporate even more of the advanced rules, like tripod mounted weapons, beasts and vehicles. Plus we’re going to look at utilizing the Star Wars Miniatures Battles rules with — gasp — plastic Star Wars Miniatures from Wizards of the Coast, which will considerably expand our scenario options.

Until then please enjoy the above battle report video featuring Rebel and Imperial forces duking it out in the ruins of an ancient desert outpost. We hope you like it. May the Mouse be with you.