Star Wars Miniatures Game, Mandalorian Vs Black Sun

Arriving between the discontinuation of Star Wars Miniatures Battles from West End Games, and the ascendence of Star Wars: Legion from Fantasy Flight Games, the Star Wars Miniatures game from Wizards of the Coast took a decidedly different tack than either its predecessor or successor.

Unlike the offerings from West End Games or Fantasy Flight, the Star Wars Miniatures game used pre-painted plastic figures sold in brightly-packaged starter sets and blind boxes. Gameplay took place on a grid-based game map and used a very straightforward d20 system to resolve combat.

While this mass-market approach probably had little appeal to the hardcore wargaming community, it’s easy to see it resonating with board game enthusiasts and Star Wars fans who were more interested in an accessible gameplay experience than in building and painting figures.

Wizards of the Coast must have enjoyed some success with the Star Wars Miniatures game, since the company kept releasing new box sets and expansions from 2004 up until 2010. 

Perhaps it was the lull in new Star Wars movies after 2005 or the financial impact of the Great Recession (or both), but Wizards of the Coast ultimately discontinued its Star Wars Miniatures line, paving the way for Fantasy Flight to launch its own Stars Wars tabletop wargame almost a decade later.

Which brings us to today and the highly anticipated release of Disney’s new Star Wars: The Mandalorian television series, which is scheduled to premiere in less than two weeks.

Being old-school Star Wars fans from the very beginning — we even watched the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special on commercial TV — this new series seems like the perfect excuse to dust off some of our venerable Star Wars Miniatures figures and unleash a pair of Mandalorian pistoleros on the Anchorhead Cantina.

Will these armored guns-for-hire complete their mission, or will they die like womp rats in the cantina’s smokey corridors? Just watch our latest retro gameplay video to find out. Maybe that will tide you over (a bit) until the real Mandalorian hits the airwaves on Nov. 12.