Mandalorians vs Stormtroopers, Star Wars Miniatures Game

In our last Skirmish Wargames battle report, we tipped our hat to Disney’s upcoming streaming series The Mandalorian (premiering in just three days) by playing a Mandalorian themed game of Star Wars Miniatures from Wizards of the Coast.

In that engagement, which was played on a grid-based tabletop gaming mat made for Star Wars Imperial Assault (paid link), a Mandalorian bounty hunter and a Mandalorian gunslinger broke into the Anchorhead Cantina after hours and dispatched a number of Black Sun operatives. 

The Mandalorians were hunting Vigo, which I originally assumed was the character’s name. I recently learned however that Vigo is actually a title, not a monicker. It’s kind of like the Star Wars equivalent of a criminal underboss. (Oops.)

Regardless, the Mandalorian desperadoes gunned down Vigo (or the Vigo), in his own cantina, and then froze his remains onsite in a slab of carbonite for easy transport. Calling in the friendly assassin droid IG-11 for assistance, the trio then exited the cantina with their quarry in tow.

Their story picks up in today’s video, with the bounty hunters confronting a veritable legion of Imperial Stormtroopers. Apparently the cantina’s bartender must have triggered an alarm before succumbing to Mandalorian blaster fire.

This second game of Star Wars Miniatures takes a more free-form approach to the rules, incorporating 3D wargaming terrain and rulers in place of the traditional 2D tabletop gaming mat. So instead of counting squares on a grid, for example, we measured character movement in inches.

The conflict takes place just outside the cantina’s front door, where the Mandalorian bounty hunter, gunslinger and allied assassin droid find themselves facing a much more numerous force of Stormtroopers. The point values for each team are equivalent, but it’s a definite tank vs swarm scenario.

Will team Mandalorian blast a hole in the Stormtrooper line and drag their frozen Vigo to victory, or will the bounty hunters fall to a hail of famously inaccurate Imperial blaster fire? Learn the answers to these and other burning questions in today’s Skirmish Wargames batrep video. Pew, pew.