Star Wars Wargaming Buildings and Terrain

Before Fantasy Flight Games even announced plans for their Star Wars: Legion tabletop miniatures game, we were already building terrain pieces for use with the venerable Star Wars Miniatures Battles rules from West End Games, and also mulling over the possibilities of using said terrain for grid-free games of the more recently retired Star Wars Miniatures system from WizKids.

With the release of Star Wars: Legion however, miniature wargaming in the Star Wars universe became all the rage again, motivating a whole host of manufacturers to offer their own Star Wars inspired terrain pieces and buildings. All the better for everyone!

So, having built some Star Wars appropriate terrain pieces of our own and then purchasing a few others on the open market, we found ourselves with enough buildings, ruins and vegetation to construct our own lawless desert outpost (using the Badlands 1 mat from Frontline Gaming as our foundation).

As you’ll see in the video above, some of our wargaming structures are little more than weathered cardboard and foam constructs, while others are built from repurposed plastic hardware. Waterslide decals are liberally used for graffiti and signage, while miscellaneous plastic widgets from the scrap box provide architectural accents.

Resin buildings and ruins from companies like Airfix, Dust Studio and Gale Force Nine round out the structures in our little town of cutthroats. The sparse wasteland vegetation comes from gluing model railroading trees and cacti to shaped pieces of MDF board or unused desert wargaming bases.

We’d never claim to be particularly adept at terrain building or painting, but it’s certainly fun to take a scrap piece of junk or a bit of recycling and somehow repurpose it into loopy scifi scenery. For a closer look at our gonzo terrain building efforts, check out the video above. Maybe you’ll glean some terrain ideas for your own Star Wars inspired wargames.