Our $20 Star Wars AT-SW Walker Project

Using inter-dimensional technology, Imperial engineers acquired a Dust Tactics heavy destroyer from an alternate universe, which they reverse engineered to create the Galactic Empire’s AT-SW (all-terrain support walker). This infantry suppression vehicle is affectionately known by rank and file stormtroopers as the Imperial “street sweeper.”

So about 10 months ago a big online retailer put the Six Shooter/Bulldog Heavy Destroyer Walkers from Battlefront Miniatures on sale for just $8 apiece, which is half of what these models currently sell for and just a small fraction of their original retail price. Since I’m a sucker for a deal, even if I don’t necessarily need what’s being sold, I picked up four walkers for less than 38 bucks total, including shipping.

Apparently I didn’t read the product description very carefully, because I was expecting to receive four unassembled model kits with lots of plastic parts that I could cannibalize for other projects. What I actually ordered, however, was four preassembled and primed walker models, each with two different turret options. “Ok, that’s cool,” I thought. “I’m sure we can use these for something.”

Fast forward 10 months. After leaving the walkers on the shelf for nearly a year, I finally modified one of the Bulldogs into an unsanctioned Star Wars infantry support walker, designed to help Imperial troops root out rebel insurgents in a hostile urban environment. It was a cheap and easy mod (my favorite), and cost less than $20 all in.

The AT-SW is basically a Dust Tactics Bulldog with the front hull and coaxial machine guns replaced with blaster tips clipped from a Hot Wheels Starships X-Wing Fighter. The visible crew members are Wizards of the Coast stormtroopers from the Star Wars Miniatures game. Stormtrooper miniatures from Star Wars: Legion or Star Wars: Imperial Assault would probably look better, but I just used the minis I had on hand.

I painted the AT-SW with Vallejo Heavy Bluegrey and Citadel Russ Grey to approximate Imperial armor colors. The walker legs and undercarriage were weathered with Vallejo Engine Grime and Diesel Stains. Citadel Nuln Oil was brushed and dabbed into small recessed areas.

There are plenty of hoses, connectors, rivets, etc., on the walker legs to satisfy modelers who love painstaking detail work. I’m definitely not one of those guys. I just wanted a serviceable model to vaporize rebels on the tabletop. But this model would probably look killer if you actually painted all the individual mechanical bits.

So that’s our $20 Imperial walker project: $10 for the Dust Tactics walker (on sale, with shipping), $4 for the Hot Wheels X-Wing (at Walmart), $2 each for the WotC stormtroopers (eBay), plus a couple of bucks for paint and incidentals. Then all you have to do is make up some stats and unleash the AT-SW on your next game of Star Wars: Legion, Stars Wars Miniatures or any other Star Wars themed tabletop wargame. Eat heavy blaster fire, rebel scum!