Stargrave Battle Report: The Botched Deal

After several months of waiting patiently for its release, we finally played (and shot) our first game of Stargrave (paid link), science fiction wargames in the ravaged galaxy, written by Jospeh McCullough and published by Osprey Games.

Shooting this first Stargrave batrep was a bit more challenging than usual because, due to time constraints, we didn’t have the luxury of a practice game beforehand, meaning we were literally learning the Stargrave rules at the same time we were shooting the gameplay video.

As you can imagine, this is less than ideal when trying to film a coherent battle report. Fortunately Stargrave is structurally very similar to Frostgrave (paid link), and the SG rulebook includes some handy reference sheets, which helped us play on the fly.

For our initial game of Stargrave we chose the first scenario in the rulebook, entitled “The Botched Deal.” In it, two rival crews confront each other for possession of one major objective and four minor objectives, which are hidden on the outskirts of a ramshackle town located on a backwater planet.

We’ve been working on dedicated crews for a Stargrave campaign, but since one crew isn’t yet complete, for this first game we simply deployed two squads of ready-to-go miniatures from our collection. This is the beauty of games like Stargrave. If you already have finished sci-fi minis on the shelf, you can probably field a respectable crew with little or no additional work.

In our case, we used a squad of Mordian Iron Guard to represent a cadre of crooked planetary constables, and a crew of pre-painted EM4 miniatures for the opposing force of spacefaring rogues. To watch these two groups duke it out for loot and glory, check out our first Stargrave battle report video (which is actually quite respectable, despite the time constraints) located at the top of this post.