Stargrave Battle Report: Salvage Crew

For our most recent game of Stargrave (paid link) — rules for science fiction wargames in the ravaged galaxy, written by Joseph McCullough and published by Osprey Games — we played Salvage Crew, the second scenario in the Stargrave rulebook.

In Salvage Crew, space pirates shoot down a small cargo ship, which then crashes to the planet below. Before the pirates can plunder the wreck themselves however, teams of wily scavengers sneak in to search for valuables.

Grabbing the goods won’t be a cakewalk though. The opportunistic scroungers raiding the crash site will have to contend with each other, the planet’s hostel wildlife and the ship’s still-functioning automated defenses if they want to bag any loot.

While the Salvage Crew scenario as written takes place in a swampy environment, we opted for a desert setting instead, simply because we had the terrain for it. To represent the wrecked cargo ship we used a Games Workshop Crashed Aquila Lander and Plast Craft Games Crashed Aircraft Terrain Set, giving us a generous amount of spacecraft debris for our crews to hide behind.

One team of scavengers was made up entirely of Tallarn Desert Raiders, while the other was an old-school mix of classic Warhammer 40k, Necromunda and converted Warhammer Fantasy minis, complemented by a Void Tactical Tetarosynth figure serving as an Armored Trooper robot.

To watch our two teams of desperate scalawags pick the bones of a downed space freighter, while attempting to eliminate each other at the same time, check out our latest Stargrave battle report video at the top of this post.