Stargrave Skirmish Game, Countdown to Launch

As sci-fi fans who grew up on stories of rogue space captains, piloting their rust-bucket ships across the galaxy in search of adventure and fortune, we’re quite excited about the upcoming release of Stargrave (paid link), science fiction wargames in the ravaged galaxy.

Written by Joseph McCullough, author of Frostgrave and Rangers of Shadow Deep, and published by Osprey Games (paid link), Stargrave allows players to command their own crews of plucky space adventurers, and embark upon perilous missions in the aftermath of a devastating galactic war.

In addition to fending off rival captains and crews, Stargrave adventurers also have to contend with game-controlled ruffians, troopers and bounty hunters, while they attempt to scratch out a living in a hostile and pirate-infested universe.

As intriguing as all that sounds, what’s possibly even more appealing about Stargrave is the prospect of assembling unique spacefaring crews from the myriad of sci-fi miniatures we’ve accumulated over the years. With the release of Stargrave just two months away, we’ve begun searching far and wide across the wargaming multiverse to find just the right crew minis to recruit (or perhaps shanghai) for our upcoming Stargrave adventures.

In today’s video, we begin our quest by unboxing a 2012 copy of Sedition Wars (paid link), Battle for Alabaster, which includes a plethora of sci-fi minis, as well as a collection of full-color, double-sided game tiles for creating sections of an infested space station. These tiles could be quite useful when Osprey releases the first Stargrave expansion book, Quarantine 37 (paid link), in September 2021.

In future videos we plan to unbox other sci-fi wargaming starter sets, including boxes for Deadzone, Infinity and AT-43, as well as loose minis from other tabletop games that would be right at home in the Stargrave universe.

If you’d like to know a little more about Stargrave, from Joseph McCullough and Osprey Games, and also see what we uncovered in the Sedition Wars box set, just check out the video at the top of this post.