Tabletop Gaming Loot from GenghisCon 41

When we attended GenghisCon 41 in Aurora, Colo., last month, we made sure to budget in a little mad money for the vendor hall. We certainly don’t need any more wargaming dice, miniatures or rulebooks, but it’s too much fun to shop for them at a Con, and most of the stuff we buy doesn’t cost much anyway.

Unlike shopping online, browsing the merchandise at a tabletop gaming convention is a very social and tactile experience. We really enjoy chatting with the vendors, as well as exploring the various racks and tables for obscure wargaming and RPG items.

For example, at the GameScience booth we purchased a 1989 Dungeons & Dragons module called The Original, Revised and Expanded Tegel Manor, which was an update of the original Tegal Manor haunted house adventure published by Judges Guild back in 1977. We also picked up a retro 1986 polyhedral dice set, still in the original package, just for the sake of nostalgia.

We spent quite a bit of quality time at the Chessex Dice booth, digging through their huge plexiglas box of discounted dice. There’s something oddly soothing about plunging both hands into a giant dice pile and finding the rare D4s that have worked their way to the bottom.

For us, no trip to a local Con would be complete without a visit to Figurephenatix, where we bought a viper vine, a bone demon, a militant angel and a cluster of mage-type minis. We also purchased a trio of mysterious totems for use as battlefield terrain.

We had a great time talking with the guys at Warlord Games and watching their demonstrations of the samurai-themed miniatures game Test of Honour, as well as the upcoming WWII air combat game Blood Red Skies. We also picked up several pieces of wargaming terrain designed for Bolt Action, Test of Honour, and Beyond the Gates of Antares, which we’ll use for a variety of tabletop games.

Thankfully, we didn’t bust our modest budget at GenghisCon 41, even though we were tempted at times. To see all our cool loot from the event, check out the video above.