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Gaslands Motorcycle Miniatures

As you can probably tell from some of our previous videos, we’re huge fans of Gaslands, the tabletop miniature wargaming rules for post-apocalyptic vehicular combat, written by Mike Hutchinson and published by Osprey Wargames. Though easily adaptable to other wargaming scales such as 15mm and 28mm, the Gaslands rules are …

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Gaslands Rumble in the Rockies

When we attended local tabletop gaming convention Genghis Con 41 in Aurora, Colo., last year, we just showed up and enjoyed the spectacle, without really participating in anything. For this year’s Genghis Con 42 however, we preregistered for a number of events, including a miniatures painting class, the Olympus Games …

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Gaslands Landspeeder Race

It was really quite gracious of Mattel to produce both a Luke Skywalker Landspeeder and a young Han Solo Speeder as part of the Hot Wheels Star Wars Starships line, right about the time we were stockpiling cars for future Gaslands conversions. On top of that, we found that other …

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Gaslands Zombie Bash Game

When life gives you zombies, just herd the brain-eating bastards onto the local race track and plow them down with heavily weaponized street vehicles. Then broadcast the entire spectacle for the entertainment of your beloved Martian overlords. That’s basically the concept behind Zombie Bash, an undead squishing scenario for Gaslands, …

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Gaslands Flea Market Challenge

While cruising the seemingly endless aisles of an indoor flea market a few weeks ago — actually we were slightly lost and searching for the exit — we ran across a sealed produce container stuffed with a hodgepodge of die-cast vehicles and temptingly priced at just $1.99. Since that seemed …

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Our First Gaslands Build

The brilliance of Gaslands, the post-apocalyptic vehicular combat rules published by Osprey Games, is that the game can be played with regular Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars, making it a very inexpensive pastime compared to most miniatures-based tabletop wargames. This is especially true when Gaslands fanatics pilfer cars from their …

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