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Gaslands Flea Market Challenge

While cruising the seemingly endless aisles of an indoor flea market a few weeks ago — actually we were slightly lost and searching for the exit — we ran across a sealed produce container stuffed with a hodgepodge of die-cast vehicles and temptingly priced at just $1.99. Since that seemed …

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Our First Gaslands Build

The brilliance of Gaslands (paid link) the post-apocalyptic vehicular combat rules published by Osprey Games, is that the game can be played with regular Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars, making it a very inexpensive pastime compared to most miniatures-based tabletop wargames. This is especially true when Gaslands fanatics pilfer cars from …

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Our $20 Star Wars AT-SW Walker Project

Using inter-dimensional technology, Imperial engineers acquired a Dust Tactics heavy destroyer from an alternate universe, which they reverse engineered to create the Galactic Empire’s AT-SW (all-terrain support walker). This infantry suppression vehicle is affectionately known by rank and file stormtroopers as the Imperial “street sweeper.” So about 10 months ago …

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