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Mordheim Battle Report, Undead vs Frenzied Mob

Having recently built and painted a band of angry villagers from the Fireforge Games’ Folk Rabble miniatures box, it was a happy coincidence that shortly thereafter we discovered the Frenzied Mob scenario from the Mordheim Empire in Flames wilderness expansion rules. The Frenzied Mob isn’t your typical Mordheim scenario, as …

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Mordheim Skirmish Wargame Retro Unboxing

Some 15 years before tabletop warbands began exploring the frozen wizard metropolis of Felstad (otherwise known as Frostgrave), treasure hunters from across the Old World were picking through the comet-smashed city of Mordheim, collecting a dangerous but valuable substance known as wyrdstone. Mordheim is, of course, the influential tabletop skirmish …

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