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Pulp Alley Skirmish Game, Vigilantes vs Carnies

One of the many endearing features of Pulp Alley (paid link), the pulp-genre tabletop miniatures game, is that the ruleset accommodates a number of different gameplay modes. Depending on the scenario, Pulp Alley enthusiasts can engage in player vs player confrontations between two or more leagues, join forces in cooperative …

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Pulp Alley Battle Report, Deadrise in Christmas Village

Last year’s Skirmish Wargames holiday video was a Christmas-themed Gaslands extravaganza, featuring the Family Truckster and Cousin Eddie’s 1972 Condor II desperately racing from a horde of grumpy Krampus cultists. Imagine Christmas Vacation meets Fury Road. For this year’s holiday special, we deployed our War in Christmas Village (paid link) …

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