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AT-43 Red Blok Faction Box from Rackham

In our latest Skirmish Wargames bonus video, we unpack a 2009 Red Blok Army Box filled with pre-painted minis, war machines and terrain pieces for the AT-43 tabletop miniatures game from Rackham Entertainment (paid link). Like the ONI Army Box that we opened in a previous video, the Red Blok …

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Rackham AT-43 Operation Damocles Initiation Set

In our latest wargame unboxing video we unpack a pre-owned Operation Damocles Initiation Set (paid link) for the AT-43 sci-fi miniatures game, which was published by Rackham Entertainment from 2006 to roughly 2010. Rackham is of course the French company behind the visually stunning Confrontation (paid link) fantasy miniatures game, …

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AT-43 ONI Army Box from Rackham

While AT-43 Operation Damocles Initiation Sets (paid link) are still relatively easy to acquire, AT-43’s other box sets are somewhat harder find, especially the 2009 ONI Army Box. AT-43 is of course the science-fiction themed tabletop miniatures game from Rackham Entertainment, which also produced the Confrontation Age of Rag’Narok (paid …

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