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Our $20 Star Wars AT-SW Walker Project

Using inter-dimensional technology, Imperial engineers acquired a Dust Tactics heavy destroyer from an alternate universe, which they reverse engineered to create the Galactic Empire’s AT-SW (all-terrain support walker). This infantry suppression vehicle is affectionately known by rank and file stormtroopers as the Imperial “street sweeper.” So about 10 months ago …

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Star Wars Wargaming Buildings and Terrain

Before Fantasy Flight Games even announced plans for their Star Wars: Legion tabletop miniatures game, we were already building terrain pieces for use with the venerable Star Wars Miniatures Battles rules from West End Games, and also mulling over the possibilities of using said terrain for grid-free games of the …

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Star Wars Miniatures Battles, Skirmish in the Ruins

Ok, in our last post we reported that the upcoming release of Star Wars: Legion, the new tabletop miniatures system from Fantasy Flight Games, was just “days away,” according to Internet scuttlebutt. Then shortly thereafter FFG announced that the official release date for the Star Wars: Legion core set would …

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Star Wars Miniatures Battles Starter Boxes

The upcoming Star Wars: Legion miniatures game from Fantasy Flight Games appears to be generating a tremendous amount of buzz in the global wargaming community. And why wouldn’t it? Adapting the world’s biggest science fiction franchise to the tabletop wargaming environment seems like a slam dunk, particularly given the success …

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Star Wars Legion Super Cheap Terrain Ideas

Unless I’m forgetting something from years ago, this homemade miniatures wargaming terrain for Star Wars: Legion and Star Wars Miniatures Battles is the first gaming terrain that we’ve ever actually made ourselves. Ok, I take that back. I think I did cut up a Tide detergent box back in the …

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