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Kings of War: Shadows in the North Starter Set Unboxing

Since tabletop skirmish wargaming is kind of our thing, earlier this year we purchased a copy of Kings of War: Vanguard (paid link), a rather excellent looking fantasy skirmish ruleset from Mantic Games, which also produces the Kings of War (paid link) mass battle fantasy wargame, now in its 3rd …

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Runewars Cheap Wargaming Miniatures

As I mentioned in our last post, I recently shelled out $107 dollars for a large order of discounted box sets for the Runewars Miniatures Game, a fantasy genre wargame initially released in 2016 by Fantasy Flight Games. When the shipment arrived on my doorstep a few days after my …

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Runewars Discount Wargaming Miniatures

I definitely don’t need any additional wargaming miniatures piled atop the considerable mountain of shame teetering next to my worktable, especially considering my slow rate of speed when it comes to figure painting. However, I’m also a sucker for a good deal. Or at least what my clearcoat-addled brain interprets …

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