Vlog Ep 2: Vintage Warhammer 40,000 Metal Minis

March 2, 2020, seems like a lifetime ago, but that’s when I digitally plunked down $17.99 (plus 90 cents tax) to purchase a “Warhammer Fantasy 40k Miniatures Lot Assorted Bulk,” on eBay.

Based on the single photo provided, it was difficult to tell exactly what miniatures I’d be receiving, but since I was able to identify a space marine trike and what appeared to be some old-school metal genestealers, I figured my investment was a relatively safe bet.

Now despite having the word Fantasy in its listing title, there aren’t actually any fantasy figures in this collection, apart from a Ral Partha orc with a broken spear. The lot does contain, however, quite a few vintage 40k minis, which appear to range from the late 1980s up through the 1990s.

Some of the Rogue Trader era artifacts include a lead space marine terminator, sans power fist; three armless 1988 genestealers; the top half of a space marine medic biker; and a 1989 heavy weapons marine with shoulder cannon. While the genestealers will be a challenge to restore, all of the other 1980s figures will probably return to active duty.

Other classic Warhammer 40k minis in this collection include an almost complete 1998 space marine captain and two armless 1999 Dark Angels in flowing robes. The space marine trike I mentioned earlier, complete with driver and gunner, appears to be essentially intact, requiring only minor repairs.

This figure collection also contained four Space Hulk plastic terminators, some worse-for-wear plastic space marines and an intriguing assortment of metal and plastic parts for the bits box. So, all in all, I figure my $19 was well spent, especially if I can find or fabricate replacement parts for some of those classic minis.

To watch us sort through this eclectic mix of Warhammer 40k artifacts, some dating back to the days of lead, just click on the video player at the top of this post.