VOR: The Maelstrom Miniatures Game

A few weeks ago one of our YouTube viewers left a comment asking if we’d ever played VOR: The Maelstrom, the 1999 tabletop miniatures game from F.A.S.A. Corporation, creator of classic IPs such as BattleTech, Shadowrun and Crimson Skies.

We had, in fact, never heard of VOR, but a quick Google search revealed that a third-party vendor was selling a factory-sealed VOR box set on Amazon for a very reasonable $40. Curiosity got the better of us and soon we had our own copy of the VOR starter box, complete with its hefty collection of Ral Partha pewter miniatures.

The setting for VOR is a monstrous, planet-eating vortex that absorbs entire civilizations, forcing human and alien cultures to duke it out on a bizarre landscape of fused worlds, formed by the Maelstrom. The human factions in VOR are represented by the rival Union and Neo-Soviet forces. Non-human factions include the Golems, the Growlers, the Mashers, the Pharon, the Shard and the Zykhee, all of which are outlined in the VOR rulebook. There are also conversion rules allowing players to use basically any miniatures in their collections.

Our VOR: The Maelstrom box set included two starter forces. These were the Union, an army of well-equipped, elite human soldiers, and the Growlers, which might be described as giant gorilla/dinosaur hybrids. The set also included rules, templates, dice and five plastic terrain pieces, which could serve as battlefield terrain for virtually any sci-fi miniatures game.

After posting our VOR: The Maelstrom unboxing video, one of our viewers mentioned that miniature company Iron Wind Metals is still selling VOR figures online, which is great news for anyone wanting to nab these classic sculpts. To see the complete contents of this very cool 1999 box set, featuring pewter minis from the legendary Ral Partha, just fire up the video at the top of this post.