Wargaming Terrain with Giant Skulls

It’s been said that creativity is a form of insanity and that certainly applies when one starts building wargame terrain. Suddenly it’s impossible to go into Goodwill, Dollar Tree or heaven forbid a model railroad shop, and not acquire some toy, widget or random bit of hardware on the off chance it might be repurposed as battlefield terrain for toy soldiers.

Case in point: You may or may not be familiar with the TOOB collections from Safari Ltd., which are basically self-contained plastic toy sets centered around a theme, be that farm animals, pets, pirates, insects, world landmarks, human organs, musical instruments or even poison dart frogs. (No kidding.)

We recently discovered the Mammal Skulls TOOB (paid link) and the Dinosaur Skulls TOOB (paid link), and lacking any willpower whatsoever, immediately thought, “Hey, we should get these! They’ll be great for terrain building.” And then the next thing you know, we have a Tallarn desert raider taking cover behind a giant zebra skull.

This small terrain piece was made from MDF board covered in plain old sidewalk sand and accented with a model railroading tree and a rock we found on the ground. A couple coats of terrain adhesive seem to be holding the sand in place, though we’ll probably lose a few pebbles here and there once the Astra Militarum start stomping on it.

One could argue that sun-bleached bone may not provide much actual protection against bolter fire, but it sure is cinematic. “Eat hot plasma, alien scum!”