Monster Fight Club Tabletop Wargaming Terrain

As we’ve alluded to in the past, we seem to spend a significant amount of time each year assembling, painting and/or kit-bashing tabletop terrain pieces. Since our collection of skirmish wargames covers a  wide range of genres and time periods, I suppose we feel obligated to attempt to do them all justice, terrain wise at least.

Which is why, when we discover a particularly nice source of affordable, pre-painted and pre-assembled tabletop wargaming terrain, it’s something of a relief. Any precious time we can save on terrain production is time we can alternately invest in miniature painting, video editing, or actually playing games!

This thought must have been on my mind back in the spring of 2019, when I somehow stumbled upon Monster Fight Club’s Kickstarter campaign for its Monster Terrain (paid link) line of plastic wargaming scenery. Now obviously Kickstarter projects can be hit or miss, and I’m normally pretty skeptical when dealing with a new company, but in this case the terrain prototypes Monster Fight Club was showcasing looked downright amazing.

Plus, the Monster Terrain team included folks who had previously worked at Gale Force Nine, which is one of our favorite wargaming terrain companies. So, accepting the calculated risk, I chose my pledge level, paid my money and then waited almost exactly a year for my order to be manufactured and shipped.

After recently receiving and opening my box of Monster Terrain, I’m happy to report that everything arrived intact and that we are very pleased with our brilliant new collection of trees, hills, bushes, rocks, bridges, crates and various other bits of tabletop scenery. 

What’s more, since Monster Terrain pieces are designed to work together in a multitude of clever configurations, we can use them to create a nearly limitless variety of epic outdoor battlefields. Check out the unboxing video above to see for yourself.

And if you missed the Monster Terrain Kickstarter campaign, no worries. You can now purchase most of the sets at Monster Fight Club’s new Amazon Store (paid link).