Warhammer Fantasy Battle Mystery Bits Bags

Recently we purchased a handful of vintage Warhammer Fantasy wights from an online auction, only to realize later that the figures were missing their original shields. “No matter,” we thought. “The Internet will provide.”

What began, however, as a simple online search for old Vampire Counts plastic shields led us to three intriguing bags seemingly packed with random Warhammer Fantasy parts. Obviously we didn’t need three blind bags stuffed with mystery bits, but our curiosity proved too powerful to deny. After all, there might be some really good stuff in there!

So, with only a single photo of each clear plastic bag and our own reckless optimism to guide us, we ordered the set of three, hoping that the contents, once revealed, would ultimately justify the expenditure.

Of course once you’ve acquired a heaping pile of random Warhammer bits, the only way to determine if you’re a genius or a rube is to sort through the mound piece by piece and see what the fates have delivered. So that’s exactly what we did. We emptied all three bags of Warhammer Fantasy parts onto a mat and organized them into piles: Heads, torsos, arms, loose weapons, decorative bits, miscellaneous oddities, etc.

As you might expect, there weren’t a lot of complete, unbuilt figures in the trove, but we did score a surprising number of leftover body parts and weapons that will allow us to restore some of the incomplete miniatures in our collection, as well as kit-bash some entirely new creations.

To watch us unpack all the plastic loot from our great Warhammer bits bag adventure, just click on the video player above. Maybe you can help us identify some of the mysterious tiny creatures and cryptic pieces of gear we uncovered!