Witchin’ Hour Tabletop Skirmish Wargame

While the real witch trials of Europe and colonial America were horrific examples of hysteria-fueled persecution, the fictional war between supernatural witches and fanatical witch hunters continues to be a popular trope in books, movies, TV shows and video games.

In just the last decade Hollywood gave us admittedly dubious efforts such as Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (staring Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner); Season of the Witch (staring Oscar winner Nicolas Cage); and The Last Witch Hunter (starring Groot voice actor Vin Diesel).

But do you know what’s considerably more fun, in my humble opinion, than any of those movies? Witchin’ Hour (paid link), a brand-new tabletop skirmish game out of Holland that pits sorcery-wielding witches and their minions against the arms and armor of witch-hunting warbands. 

I’m told that we were the first gamers in North America to play the Witchin’ Hour beta rules. (Woot woot!) Our initial reaction is: It’s refreshingly different, easy to learn and ultimately very entertaining. In fact, I’ve just pre-ordered a copy of the full rulebook so we can play it again when the complete game is published.

As you can see in our demonstration video above, Witchin’ Hour features some rather unique activation and combat mechanics that throw an extra element of chaos into every action and every fight. It also offers numerous ways to customize your witches and warriors, so each game can be radically different from the last.

If you like what you see in the video and want to further investigate this novel indie wargame from the Netherlands, Witchin’ Hour is hitting Kickstarter in February 2020. Visit hazardgamedesign.com for more information about the crowdfunding campaign. U.S. customers can also pre-order the Witchin’ Hour rulebook through Noble Knight Games (paid link).