Miniature Wargaming at The Wizard’s Chest, Denver

We recently did a little discretionary shopping and a lot of wide-eyed, undignified sightseeing at the amazing Wizard’s Chest emporium at 451 Broadway in Denver, Colorado. Billed as Denver’s “most magical toy store and costume shop,” The Wizard’s Chest offers 16,000 square feet of nerdy goodness packed into a phenomenal castle-themed location in the heart of downtown.

The main floor of The Wizard’s Chest offers a plethora of costumes, props and related accessories, as well as a theatrical makeup counter. There’s also a professional magic section which is home to the castle’s very own house wizard, Winchester Slatebeard, who’s been helping mind The Wizard’s Chest since it opened in its original location back in 1983.

There’s a lot to gawk at on the store’s main level, but for tabletop gaming enthusiasts, the true treasures are located in the “lower realms” of The Wizard’s Chest building. Descend the ornate staircase past the guardian dragon (or take the gently sloping purple ramp) and you’ll discover a cornucopia of toys and puzzles; a huge selection of board games, RPGs and collectable card games; and of course miniatures, rules and starter sets for a variety of tabletop wargaming systems.

The Wizard’s Chest regularly hosts gaming clubs and open play in its gaming table area, as well as tabletop gaming tournaments and special pre-release events. For more information on The Wizard’s Chest and its packed calendar of gaming events, visit the store’s website at

To view our personal video exploration of this awesome temple of geekdom, just click on the media player at the top of this page.