WizKids 4D Settings Tabletop Terrain

Few elements enhance the tabletop wargaming experience more than awesome battlefield terrain. Expertly painted armies are amazing to behold of course, but if your eyesight is anything like mine, then the fine details on all those tiny soldiers begin to fade once the troops are more than a foot or two away anyway.

Eye-catching terrain pieces however, used in the right density, can turn a two-dimensional tabletop into an immersive 3D experience. And if the wargaming scenario you’ve imagined has an underlying narrative, then thematic terrain will go a long way toward selling your story.

We’ve built a respectable number of custom terrain pieces over the years, and we’ve also assembled and/or painted dozens of store-bought structures and scatter bits that we purchased from various wargaming suppliers. I won’t admit how much unbuilt terrain we still have stockpiled in the basement, but let’s just say that when spring arrives in earnest and it’s warm enough to paint outside again, we have some serious fabricating to do.

And that’s the paradox of wargaming terrain. It enhances the gaming experience, but building it definitely consumes precious hobby time that could otherwise be spent painting miniatures or actually playing games. So with that in mind, our latest video examines several collections of pre-assembled, pre-painted WizKids (paid link) terrain pieces. These, we hope, will provide us with some additional terrain options, without adding to our stack of unbuilt buildings and foliage.

The terrain collections we look at include the WizKids 4D Settings Castle Barracks set; the WizKids 4D Settings Homestead set; the WizKids 4D Settings Medieval Farmer set; the WizKids Cities of the Dead Statues & Monuments set; and the WizKids Pathfinder Battles Cemetery of the Fallen set.

While all of these WizKids collections were designed with RPGs in mind, most of their components could easily be used for tabletop wargaming as well. Just check out the video above to see for yourself. Maybe you’ll discover a few pre-painted items that could help round out your own stockpile of terrain.