WizKids Falling Star Sailing Ship

This massive new tabletop gaming accessory from WizKids has a correspondingly long product name, so let me type it fully right here at the start. Today we’re talking about Dungeons & Dragons Icons of the Realms: The Falling Star Sailing Ship (paid link).

The Falling Star is fully painted, highly detailed sailing vessel designed for tabletop miniature gaming, though we suspect many hobbyists and collectors will use it primarily as a display piece, crewed by some of their favorite fantasy or historical minis.

Fully assembled, the ship measures over 17” tall, 33” long and 6.4” wide (or 12.6” wide at the masts). It features reversible deck tiles, allowing gamers to configure the play areas either with gridlines or without. The ship’s masts are magnetized and removable; the ship has functional doors and hatches; and the deck tiles over the cabin areas can be lifted out to provide access.

The product description for the WizKids Falling Star Sailing Ship says the model’s staircases can also be removed, but we weren’t able to figure out how. No doubt there’s a simple trick to it, and the stairs probably need to come out in order to flip the main deck tile. We just didn’t want to force it.

We pre-ordered The Falling Star in early January 2019 and weren’t expecting it to arrive until March, but production must have been running ahead of schedule because it arrived on our doorstep on Feb. 15. Our initial impression was, this ship is a lot bigger than expected! On closer inspection, we found ourselves really impressed by both the ship’s aesthetic details and its practicality as a tabletop wargaming model.

The Falling Star’s unfurled sails look like canvas. There are tiny ropes wrapped around the masts. The ship’s figurehead is a gold dragon and the anchor is a clawed dragon foot. Yet with all that detail, The Falling Star is still a completely functional piece of wargaming terrain, designed to accommodate D&D scale miniatures.

To watch us unbox the brand-new WizKids product known as Dungeons & Dragons Icons of the Realms: The Falling Star Sailing Ship (paid link), just click on the media player at the top of this page. Then prepare to start singing “Yo ho! Yo Ho! A pirate’s life for me.”