Vlog Ep 7: WizKids Stone Bridge Tabletop Terrain

Back in April we looked at several pre-painted terrain sets from WizKids (paid link), including the WizKids 4D Settings Castle Barracks set; the WizKids 4D Settings Homestead set; the WizKids 4D Settings Medieval Farmer set; the WizKids Cities of the Dead Statues & Monuments set; and the WizKids Pathfinder Battles Cemetery of the Fallen set.

This time around we’re unboxing the colossal WizKids 4D Settings Stone Bridge (paid link), which allows gamers to create a fortified medieval or fantasy-style bridge in a variety of configurations.

Two of the main bridge sections, for example, can be interlocked to create a small stone bridge, while all three sections can be used to construct a much larger viaduct. The individual bridge sections can also be slightly separated to create a damaged or crumbling bridge, so any invading hordes have to deal with treacherous gaps in the stonework.

For further customization options, the WizKids Stone Bridge set also includes over 30 menacing accessories, including chains, barricades, signs, guard towers, rubble piles and spikes (which are available with or without skulls and severed heads). Handy T-slots and peg holes allow chains and spikes to be easily added to the bridge, while other accessories simply rest on the table or bridge surface.

Given the size of the bridge kit and the number of extra parts included, it’s not surprising that this WizKids box is priced considerably higher than the company’s smaller terrain sets. However, if you factor in the time it would take to assemble and paint a comparable resin bridge, then in my opinion the price of the stone bridge set is really quite reasonable, considering that it’s table-ready right out of the box and can be easily reconfigured to suit a variety of scenarios.

Don’t take our word for it, however. Check out our WizKids 4D Settings Stone Bridge unboxing video and judge for yourself whether this imposing tabletop structure might become a centerpiece for your own wargames or RPG adventures.